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How is the disease manifested?

Symptoms of urethritis occur the same way, but each group has features. General characteristics:


  1. Pain during urination.
  2. Discharge from the urethra in the form of pus, mucus.
  3. The appearance on the penis in men of crusts that are yellow.
  4. Turbid urine due to filaments or sediment.


Chronic urethritis is accompanied by a less pronounced clinical picture. Characteristic:


  1. Lack of discharge from the urethra.
  2. Normalization of urine transparency.
  3. Discomfort when going to the toilet.


Further signs of urethritis vary depending on the type of microorganism. Consider the disease groups with a description of their characteristic symptoms.

Amoxicillin and clavunic acid: what is it

The reason for the creation of a combination of Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid was the growing resistance of bacteria to the action of standard forms of tuberculosis therapy. As a result, it was decided to use beta-lactam antibiotics to combat the causative agents of the virus..

Powder for solution preparation

A solution is made from such a powder, which is then administered intravenously. For this, the granules in the vial are dissolved by injection water. The drug should be administered slowly, it is administered within three to four minutes.

Droppers are allowed, but for this, the mixture prepared for injections is additionally diluted with an infusion solution. Potassium chloride, Ringer's liquid and sodium chloride are suitable. The infusion lasts even longer - from 30 to 40 minutes.

Only the attending physician can adjust the duration of treatment and dosage. Children's age and kidney problems - a reason for additional adjustments.

What is the difference: Augmentin or Amoxiclav

Drugs are analogues of each other. http://www.rxlist.com/consumer_amoxicillin_amoxil_moxatag_trimox/drugs-condition.htm Active substances are Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid. Amoxiclav release form: film-coated tablets, dispersible tablets, powder for the preparation of a suspension for oral administration, powder for the preparation of a solution for intravenous administration. Augmentin is available in powder form for the preparation of an oral suspension, film-coated tablets and film-coated tablets. In pediatrics, the antibiotic Augmentin is more often prescribed, because there are fewer excipients and therefore less allergic reactions, it is better tolerated. Drugs prescribed by a doctor!

Augmentin is produced by the United Kingdom; Amoxiclav is manufactured in Austria and Slovenia. Amoxiclav is cheaper in price than Augmentin (cheap augmentin online)